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Spiritual Podcasts

If you aren't into reading, here are a few spiritual podcasts you can listen to during your free time.

You can access these podcasts from the links below, or from wherever you normally get your podcasts.

  1. Abiding Together with Sr. Miriam James
    Podcast about living in relationship with Jesus

  2. Bishop Robert Barron
    The Word on Fire Show with one of the most dynamic Catholic evangelists

  3. Catholic Answers Live
    Questions and Answers about Catholic stuff

  4. Catholic Stuff You Should Know
    Several funny priests talk about all things Catholic

  5. CNA Newsroom
    Put on by Catholic News Agency

  6. Every Knee Shall Bow
    Two lay evangelists teach others how to share their faith

  7. Fr. Mike Schmitz
    Fr. Mike is a college chaplain who talks about all kinds of faith topics

  8. The Jennifer Fulwiler Show
    A wife and mother talks about the faith

  9. The Place We Find OurselvePodcast about story, trauma and therapy from a Christian Viewpoint

  10. The Word on the Hill with the Lanky Guys
    A Scripture scholar and a priest talk about the Sunday Readings

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