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Ramp Accessibility & Wheelchair

St. Cecilia Catholic Church can be accessed via the ramp located on the south side in the alleyway. The doors are underneath the "Centennial Hall" sign.  Additionally, a wheelchair can be found at the bottom of the ramp upon immediately entering the doors. 

Reserved parking can also be found in the alleyway, immediately underneath the stained-glass windows.


Hearing Aid Transmitters

Hearing aid transmitters are available for parishioners and visitors at the entrances in small baskets. You will need to bring your own earphones to plug into the transmitters.

Additionally, our confessionals labeled "Hearing Aid" have a transmitter for use. Ask Father for assistance if needed. 

Low-Gluten Hosts

If you are in need of a Low-Gluten host, contact our parish secretary at 402-462-1336 (Ext 101) during the week to request a host at the Mass you plan to attend. If it is the weekend, locate the priest or an acolyte prior to Mass (in the sacristy or elsewhere) to make the request. 

Cry Room

The Cry Room is located in the north-rear of the church. 

Restrooms are also available during Mass in the rear or in Centennial Hall. 

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